BetaGamers: FAQs

How do I bet on the site?

You can’t place bets on this site, BetaGamers.Net is a sports prediction site and not a betting site.

How good are your predictions?

Good Enough, nearly perfect as you can see for yourself. You can also view our bet accuracy trackers system to know when we are doing well and when we are not.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member simply by registering for free. Register here.

What do I stand to gain as a free member?

Not much actually. Just access to the daily free prediction tips and the popular categories with zero risk management.

What do I stand to gain as a paid member?

A lot. Access to all our categories with total risk management. You are in a pole position to win more than you loose as a paid member on this site.

How much does your subscription plan cost?

Click on pricing plans on the MENU to be properly guided. To view prices in the various currencies we accept, you can visit the Betagamers Payment Page for full details in various currencies.

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to any of our plans mainly via bank deposits, online banking or transfers and also via debit cards.

I made a lot of earnings this month, how do I appreciate you guys?

Congratulations! This is good news! We would even be happier if you invite your friends to join the money team. You can also like our facebook page, follow us on twitter and also on instagram.

What happens for failed predictions?

We are deeply sorry about that. It affects us directly too but You do not get refunds for failed predictions rather our team of experts take note of the failed predictions and ensure you get better predictions the next day.

Also remember that you have unlimited access to the information provided by our experts over a specific period of days and as such should be able to recover any losses incurred due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Do you provide Fixed Matches?

A real football prediction website with genuine predictions does not sell fixed matches. We fish out sure games and search for overpriced markets and bet on them. It is never an easy task but we always do what we have to do.

Why haven't I seen your predictions today?

BetaGamers gives sports prediction tips everyday, wait for it, its coming, unless otherwise stated.

I can't access my account/login issues?

You can reset your password by clicking on the forgot password link on the login page.


Feel free to contact us here and you can always contact us via Phone calls or Email or through social media.