How to Predict Football Matches Correctly

Predicting Football Matches Correctly Last Updated: 16 August 2023

As an accurate football prediction website that predicts football matches correctly, we take a look at how you can predict football matches accurately and increase your chances of winning with your predictions. Predicting football matches is really easy but predicting football matches accurately or correctly is a different game entirely. Whether all you need is predictions for today's soccer matches, or football matches predictions for tomorrow, or even good football bets for the weekend, you can predict soccer and win with these easy steps:

Do not be greedy

Do not just be greedy, it kills

Go for options you are conversant with

Imagine going for an option like 2H (0:2) in a match like Chelsea vs Ebbsfleet and you do not even know what 2H (0:2) means. That's bad. You can take a look at this betting guide that cover various betting signs, symbols and abbreviations

Do not get in bed with the bookies

The bookies are the enemies in disguise. They just want to destroy you. They have it all, the resources, everything it takes to make or mar you, so always bear in mind that the odds are always against you.

Do not always hope on the big teams

The big teams are not always the answer, big teams like every other team have their good days and their bad days, players in the big teams also get injured too like every other player, the big teams also have their on and off pitch disputes which is the best and precise destroyer of a team's form.

Always take note of injuries

Always take note of injuries. Injuries to key players are a disaster, if you do not consider this, you'll just make the greatest mistake of betting simply on just a team's name.

Injuries to strikers and injuries to defenders cannot have the same effect in the performance of a football team. Key defenders or first team goal keepers getting injured simply means more goals! If both teams are involved, and there are no notable absentees in the striking force, then its just goals all the way. On the other hand, injuries to in form strikers, wingers or attacking midfielders means lesser goals. If both teams are affected, betting against the goal flow (NG or BTTS-NO or Under 2.5 Goals) would not be a bad prediction.

Take note of players that are currently in form

Take note of who impressed in the last match, chances are, they'll impress again.

Watch out for consistent scorers in at least the last 5 football matches, if there are two or more players that have been on a good run of form, say scoring 5 or 4 goals in last five or six matches, plus the team in question is also in form, chances are they'll win again so long as those players aren't absent for the match in question.

Always remember the big boys in teams

Take note of the big boys in teams. They are not big boys for no reason. Their presence or absence in their teams can affect the teams' performance hugely. So always try to keep that in mind if you intend to predict football matches correctly. A typical example is with a team like Barcelona, whenever Messi is absent, Barca hardly impresses, Messi looses form, Barcelona looses form too! He plays, he scores, infact betting on Messi to score is of much greater value than betting on the whole Barca team. Another instance was with Real Madrid, Ronaldo left Real Madrid, it was tough for the team, though surprisingly. At Manchester City, De Bruyne was out injured for a long time, after City lifted the Premier League in Guardiola's first season in the English Premier League, Kevin did not play for long and it surely took pretty quite some time before Manchester City could adjust. There were times when Zaha's absence was a huge concern for Crystal Palace.

Watch out for teams in crisis and bet against them

Always notice when a team is not happy, run away from them or otherwise wager against them. This sometimes happens, there could be on/off pitch issues between players, there could be issues between players and coaches, such teams hardly perform well. Take for instance in the German League, prior to the exit of Ancelotti and the return of Jop Hyenckens, Bayern players were just not at peace with Ancelotti, thus the very poor run of form, Jop Hyeckens came back, Thomas Mueller got resurrected, Lewandowski started soaring high again, there was live again at Bayern Munich and the German League started looking like it again. There are so many other instances, imagine been a player and your wife or girlfriend cheats on you with a teammate, the whole team is going to get affected and there is no way the team can perform well.

Cases with Coaches

consider coach ban, coach sack or change of coach. This is a horrible situation because a lot of people who predict football matches do not know about this and many who know about this do not put it into consideration when trying to predict football matches correctly today. The absence of the coach of a team especially through ban is consequently in most cases a blow on a team's confidence level.

Consider the current form of teams

Teams with really long winning streaks, say 8 or 9 or 10 are likely to end it soon.

Additionally, stay away from in form teams that lost their last match, especially if you do not know the reason for that. Chances are they'll disappoint again before picking up again. Except in cases where the team tried to rest players.

Flee from derbies

Finally, flee from derbies especially when the outcome is not obvious, these could include the el-classico in the Spanish League, the london derbies in the English Premier League, the Milan derby in the Italian league, the Le Classique in the French League and so on.

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