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A Guide to Betting on the EPL or Other European Leagues

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EPL stands for the English Premier League – one of the most popular and exciting Association Football championships in the world.

The Premier League draws about five billion fans to the small screen every week. Many of them try their luck betting on parlays or single EPL matches.

But how EPL betting works, and is it very different from the Spanish Primera Division or Italy’s Serie A? Read on to learn some invaluable EPL and European leagues betting strategies and tips that bring profits.

European Soccer Odds and How to Read Them

Soccer odds are straightforward. You have three choices: 1 – the home side wins; X – draw; 2 – the guests win.

Typically, sportsbooks give draws and guest wins the highest odds, while home wins bring the smallest profit. You can also make a parlay bet on several EPL matches.

You can place two bets on the games with the highest odds: X 2 or 1 X. One of your bets inevitably loses, but the loss is compensated if the other helps you win the whole parlay.

Future EPL Bets

Before the season’s kick-off, you can try to guess which of the twenty competitors will win the Premier League this year.

Many sports betting sites offer lucrative odds for underdogs to win the top tier of English football. However, the biggest surprise occurred in 2016 when Leicester City did the impossible, winning at 5000 to 1.

You can also try to guess the top four teams in the championship or the three teams that will be relegated to Division 1.

Handicap Odds

This is one of the most thrilling EPL and European football markets. The favorite to win the current season is given 0 handicap points, whereas underdogs can get +30 handicap points or more.

After the final round, each team’s points are added to their handicap, so the team with the highest total score wins the market.

This is a profitable market to bet on if you have a gut feeling that a particular mid-tier EPL team will stun its rivals this season.

EPL & European Football Betting Tips

European Leagues

When betting on EPL games, there are some essential factors to consider.

Home Side Advantage

Experts have calculated that Premier League teams playing at home have an advantage of 44% over their rivals, scoring about 30% more goals.

If a mid-chart team receives one of the favorites at their home stadium, surprises are possible. There is no point in making low-value single-game bets.

Choose Your Market

Winning complex parlay bets requires decades of experience and lots of luck. You can try catching a big fish with small bait following the predictions of Premier League gurus like Alex Campean, but your chances will still be tiny.

Future bets are more secure and profitable than single-game bets. If you follow the news about the league’s top goal scorers, you can try your luck on that market, as well.

The key is to pick only one market and hone your prediction skills there. Making cross-market bets is more fun, but the profits are feeble.

Read and Research

Whether you’ve chosen the Premier League or another European league to bet on, you should read a lot about the specific market you’ve picked up and follow its latest trends on Twitter or via other channels.

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