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The worst defeat ever suffered by the French national football team

France Old team in the 1900s

France definitely has one of the best national football teams in the history of the sport. Right now 1xBet is a bet site, and it can be used to wager on this team at any moment. The team has won plenty of major competitions throughout its history, such as:

  • the UEFA Euro;
  • the FIFA Confederations Cup;
  • the UEFA Nations League;
  • and also the FIFA World Cup.

Considering that impressive curriculum, it’s almost impossible to imagine that France’s worst defeat ever is even worse than San Marino’s. The 1xBet site is a betting platform that all punters can use right now if they want to wager on plenty of national football teams.

The 1908 Summer Olympics

The football tournament of the Summer Olympics was seen as the most prestigious competition prior to the creation of the FIFA World Cup. A great way to wager on Olympic football is by deciding to get the 1xBet app download apk to phone or tablet.

The 1908 games had not one but actually two French national football teams. They were called France A and France B. The former was seen as the most senior side. On the 19th of October of that year, Denmark defeated France B for a staggering 9-0.

Three days later, Denmark needed to play against France A in the semi-finals of the competition. If you have an Android phone, you can download the apk of the 1xBet app to it and start wagering.

Sacré bleu!

On the 22nd of October, Denmark absolutely destroyed the French national team by a score of 17-1. No, we are not making that up, the Danish team scored seventeen goals in a match that, obviously, eliminated France from the competition. It is unlikely that France will receive 17 goals again anytime soon, yet, betting football is on 1xBet website, and it can also be used to wager on this team.

Player Sophus Nielsen also broke a record by scoring ten of those goals. It is interesting to see that by the 6th minute of the match, Denmark was already 3-0 up. However, France scored their only goal through Emile Sartorius in the 16th minute. It is likely that most spectators thought that France had a chance to come back, but not really. In the 18th minute, Denmark scored their fourth goal. After that, they followed with 13 more goals.

The best football betting is on the 1xBet website, and it can be used to wager on matches with plenty of goals as well.

To be fair with the French team, that tournament also had an extremely large number of goals. For example, the average goals per match in a FIFA World Cup or other major football tournament tends to be between 2.3 and 2.7. By contrast, this Olympic championship had eight goals per game.

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