How to be a Successful Gambler

Gambling for some people is fun, for some its work and for some its harm. Gambling has favored alot of people and has marred many also. The huge barrier that differentiates the professionals and the learners is the ability to take into consideration, a lot of variables at the same time and the discpline to avoid unnecessary risks. The following strategies hopefully will make you better:

Rectify your Play Style

Something is obviously wrong with your play style, the standards you set, etc.

Narrow down your Specialty

Instead of spreading your horizon over a wide range of sporting activities such as soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball, handball, horse racing etc, it is advisable to narrow your focus down to as few activities as possible in order to help you even concentrate better. If you’re divided that much, it will be really difficult to give each game the attention it deserves because there are hundreds of different games and sports to bet on, each with its own unique set of rules.

Devise a logical system.

Once you’ve decided on your specialty, you can start figuring out what you need to do in order to win consistently. There has to be a pattern. Your personal system might not necessarilybe the same with your neighbour's, your system might involve strategies like betting low, only taking certain odds, taking fixture time into consideration or quitting after a predetermined number of wins. Most of the time, its about understanding the odds and taking them into account when placing a bet.

Keep a record of your wins and losses.

For every bet you place, write down the outcome. For every bet you nearly placed but later abandoned, write down the outcome. This will help you to track your progress over time and determine what’s working and what isn’t. Eventually, you’ll pick up valuable clues for how to polish your game and win more than you loose. Make your entries detailed—include the game, date, odds, and stakes, along with your thoughts on how the game went and what you could do differently next time. A carefully prepared gambling journal can also also serve as a ledger to assist you calculate your winnings.

Improve your skills.

Play as much as possible and practice your game of choice to improve your skills. Try to predict the outcome of a sporting event without putting any actual money on it. Taking the monetary aspect out of the equation will allow you to gain valuable experience in a risk-free environment.

Managing your Money

Start with a sizable amount.

Before you make a wager, you should have enough money to play without thinking twice about every move you make. With very little funds, every loss will hurt, and you’ll begin to make decisions out of fear and under great pressure. Having a bit of a comfort will boost your confidence and allow you to keep your mind on the game, and not on your shrinking little money. For the sake of your wallet, it’s a good idea to keep your wagering money small until you’ve mustered enough experience to have a shot at higher stakes games. If you’re a talented enough player, you may be able to find someone to finance you in exchange for a portion of your winnings.

Establish a Goal.

Come up with a definite, realistic amount that you hope to win and also set a maximum loss. Define your win goal in clear terms. Tell yourself for example, “My objective is to win at least N5000 in five bets,” or “I want to end the week N7000 richer or I want to end the day N1000 richer”. When you reach your win target or maximum loss, walk away and wait for another time. By playing it safe and accumulating your winnings patiently, you’ll be able to maintain control over the game. DON’T GET GREEDY. A session should only last until you’ve reached either your win goal or your maximum bet loss. Keep in mind that the probability of losing increases the longer you play or the more desparate you get.

Set a loss limit.

A firm loss limit will prevent you from betting more than you can afford. Your loss limit is the amount of money you can safely afford to lose in a particular day.

Open a separate account exclusively for gambling and NEVER dip your hand into your savings to gamble.

Learn to deal with losing.

Every gambler dreams of a big payout, but the reality is that losses are unavoidable. Sometimes things just won’t go your way. The sooner you can accept that fact, the less it will affect your confidence.

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